Rules of the challenge

  1. Formation Riding: Always ride in pairs or single file, switching to single file as necessary to allow vehicles to pass safely.
  2. Event Nature: Understand that this is a social cycling challenge, not a race. Approach it with a community spirit and camaraderie.
  3. Road Safety Compliance: Strictly adhere to the highway code and road rules. Any form of dangerous or reckless cycling will result in immediate disqualification and a ban from future events.
  4. Mandatory Equipment: Carry a mobile phone and the necessary spares/tools for basic bike repairs. Also, ensure you have enough food and drink for the event.
  5. Support Van Usage: Be aware that the support van is not a 'Taxi service' back to the finish line. It's there for emergencies and will only assist those who cannot continue.
  6. Mechanical Failures: Carry appropriate repair kits for minor mechanical issues. For major issues, a mechanic will be on course and can offer transportation back to the start, but be aware this may be late in the day after the final rider.
  7. Alternative Transportation: If unable to continue and not wishing to use the support van, arrange your own return transportation, whether it be by taxi, public transport, or through contacts.
  8. Safety and Preparedness: If unsure about your ability to complete the distance, do not start the event. It's vital for your safety and the safety of others.
  9. Emergency Procedures: In an emergency or upon witnessing an accident, contact the Event Emergency Number (07775666404). For serious incidents, call 999 first, then the event number.
  10. Helmet Requirement: Wearing a hard-shell helmet is compulsory. Be cautious, especially on descents and sharp bends.
  11. Medical Considerations: If you have a medical condition that may affect your participation, seek medical advice prior to the event.
  12. Review Cycling Rules: Familiarize yourself with the Highway Code Rules for Cyclists available here.